Please note: If you don’t hold any SUPER-BSC, there is no action required.

Due to the unforeseen shutdown of Multichain (formerly known as Anyswap), the SUPER-BSC bridge provider, we found it imperative to shift our strategy and initiate a migration plan to safeguard against potential malicious actions.

A definitive plan was devised to facilitate a smooth transition for SUPER-BSC holders back to the Ethereum network. This plan not only maintains the integrity of our token but also provides robust protection against potential external threats.

For enhanced transparency, operational details and key components of this strategy are shared below:

  • New BSC Contract Address: 0x9ab0db9c2096830d9cb447179ead9bfd40cdfd1b

  • Swap & Bridge Portal:

  • Swap Conversion ratio: 1 SUPER-BSC to SUPER-BSC-V2

Snapshot & Hash Tree

  • We employed a method that enables us to accurately identify authentic SUPER-BSC holders while effectively filtering out potential threats posed by Multichain. This process involved capturing a snapshot of existing BSC holders wallets and implementing a hash tree mechanism to ensure a secure and smooth swap process.

BSC Token Swap

  • Holders of SUPER-BSC tokens can now swap their existing tokens for their V2 counterpart at a 1:1 ratio through our secure portal at This phase is designed to phase out the old SUPER-BSC contract, thus mitigating any potential threats moving forward.

Bridging to SUPER-ERC20

  • Following the successful swap, holders can utilise our one-way bridge available on the same site, facilitating a seamless transition back to the SUPER-ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network.

Our venture into the Binance Smart Chain was initiated to support the Binance ecosystem. However, our principal events and operations have always been firmly grounded in the Ethereum network. Therefore, we have decided to concentrate our efforts on the Ethereum platform, which allows us to serve our community's best interests more effectively at this juncture.

Below you can find a detailed how-to guide for the Swap and Bridge process:

pageHow to Swap & Bridge Guide

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