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Treasury Fund Allocation

Category: Fund Allocation

Author: Thare


Once staking is made available on the SuperVerse website, the SuperVerse DAO Treasury will be used for the distribution of rewards to SuperVerse DAO members who are actively staking in the designated DAO pools.

Distribution of SuperVerse DAO Treasury Funds:

The revenue split will be programmed and self-executing via a smart contract with the below allocation:

  • 80% Community Rewards

    • These funds will be redistributed as rewards to SuperVerse DAO members who are actively staking in the designated DAO pools

  • 20% Ongoing Development and Maintenance

    • A small portion of fees will be allocated to Super Studios for its continued contribution to the development and product maintenance of the SuperVerse ecosystem.

Additional details regarding the distribution and release of funds will be provided at a later date.

Community Incentive:

The goal of this proposal is to inform the community in the interests of transparency how the SuperVerse DAO Treasury funds will be distributed if the proposal is implemented. The SuperVerse DAO members and the SuperVerse ecosystem benefit directly from Super Studios products and the Super Studios team is receiving funding to continue to develop and maintain products to build out the ecosystem.


The proposed structure provides a sustainable business model for all parties involved.


Assuming SVIP-1 and SVIP-2 are approved:

  • The SuperVerse DAO will create a smart contract to execute the revenue split

  • The SuperVerse DAO will conduct a smart contract audit

Steps to Implement:

  • Staking goes live on the SuperVerse website

  • Distribution mechanism finalized

  • Smart contract created and finalized


All steps have been prepared and ready to be implemented

Overall Cost:

No cost to implement

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