Recalibration Equation

The formula to calculate the resulting boost value, PP , is given by the equation:

P=C(value(T)value(base))WP = \frac{C \cdot \left(\frac{{\text{value}(T)}}{{\text{value(base)}}}\right)}{W}


  • PP – the resulting boost value (The value we aim to determine).

  • CC – a constant factor (2,500, setting the minimum baseline).

  • TT – the value associated with the current tier (Representative value of each tier).

  • (value(base))( \text{value(base)} ) – the reference tier value (Baseline value established at a predefined level).

  • WW – the applied weight (Mechanism to balance the equation).

This new structure is designed to maintain balance while providing ample opportunities for both NFT and SUPER token holders alike.

Below, you can find a comprehensive how-to guide for staking and unstaking NFTs:

How to Stake & Unstake NFTs

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