SuperVerse DAO Governance

The SuperVerse DAO serves as the SuperVerse community's self-governing body. The purpose of governance is to manage the SuperVerse DAO Treasury and to allow the community to be involved and provide input for the development of the SuperVerse ecosystem. The SuperVerse DAO Treasury will consist of fees collected from the royalties on secondary sales of Impostors NFTs, additional fee generating mechanisms from smart contracts throughout the Impostors metaverse, as well as platform fees from GigaMart marketplace sales. This governance guide provides an overview of the decentralized governance framework including the proposal and voting processes. This document will improve and evolve over time with the DAO community's input.

Membership Eligibility

The only requirement for membership in the DAO is staking $SUPER token within the designated DAO pools on the SuperVerse website. Staking $SUPER token allows participation in proposal ideation, general community discussion, and voting on proposals. Participating in proposal submission is restricted to SuperVerse DAO members that stake at least 15,000 $SUPER within the designated DAO pools.

Guiding Values:

Equality: One staked $SUPER = one Vote. Transparency: We created a process that is clear and visible to our community. Collective Responsibility: We act in the best interest of the future of the project. Innovation: We strive to inspire the next trends.

Communication Channels

The SuperVerse website is home to all things DAO. The website is the access point to all relevant information such as the DAO governance process and all the systems or tools that are part of the DAO ecosystem. Superverse will set up a dedicated forum, whether Discourse or another platform, for all DAO-related community discussions. This includes general discussion in the community, DAO ideation, proposal submission, and proposal feedback. will be used for voting on the initial improvement proposals. Proposals that have followed the respective guidelines and have been approved will be available for voting on a DAO approved voting tool. $SUPER holders will be required to authenticate their wallet and validate that they have $SUPER staked within designated DAO pools in order to vote.

Please note: Proposals SVIP-1, SVIP-2 and SVIP-3 have been voted on and passed by $SUPER token holders. Voting closed December 5th, 12pm PST which can be seen on

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