How to Swap & Bridge Guide

While using the migration portal, please connect the wallet holding your SUPER-BSC and ensure it's linked to the BNB Smart Chain network.

Migrate BSC SUPER (Swap)

  1. Press the “Approve SUPER” button to initiate the process. Your wallet extension will prompt a notification; if on Metamask, proceed to approve the designated amount of SUPER you would like to utilize on the platform.

  1. After approval, press the “Migrate v1 SUPER” button. When activated, the old SUPER-BSC v1 will be swapped and burned for SUPER-BSC V2.

  1. Once the swap has been completed, you will notice the updated available SUPER balance in the “Total Amount” box located in the Transfer section.

Bridging from SUPER-BSC V2 to SUPER-ERC20

We recommend that users maintain a minimum balance of 0.3 BNB in their wallet when initiating the bridge process. This precaution is to account for potential fluctuations in gas fees, any difference in the actual gas fee and the recommended amount will remain in your possession.

  1. In the “Transfer” section, locate the “Total Amount” field. Here you can enter the amount of SUPER you wish to bridge, or press “Max” if you intend to bridge all your available SUPER-BSC V2 tokens.

  2. In the “Destination Wallet” field, you have the option to designate a different receiving wallet or retain your currently connected wallet as the default. If choosing the latter, the SUPER-BSC V2 tokens will be bridged back to the ETH network and deposited into your existing wallet.

  3. To initiate the bridging process, press the “Transfer” button. Your wallet extension will prompt a notification; “Confirm” the transaction to complete the process.

  1. Once the transaction is successful, switch to the Ethereum Mainnet in your wallet to view your SUPER-ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network.

Please note: If you have not imported SUPER-ERC20 to your wallet previously, you will not see your newly bridged SUPER-ERC20 assets yet.

In order to see your SUPER-ERC20 tokens, simply import “Custom Token” in your wallet options and input the SUPER-ERC20 Contract Address: 0xe53ec727dbdeb9e2d5456c3be40cff031ab40a55

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