Please note: Proposals SVIP-1, SVIP-2 and SVIP-3 have been voted on and passed by $SUPER token holders. Voting closed December 5th, 12pm PST which can be seen on


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Disclaimer: The first three proposals advanced by members of the SuperVerse DAO will not abide by the framework outlined in this document. The communication channels and proposals will only be implemented if the proposals are passed by $SUPER token holders. The votes for SVIP-1, SVIP-2, and SVIP-3 will take place on Snapshot. All $SUPER token holders, assuming their $SUPER is in a chain wallet, will be eligible to vote on the SVIP-1, SVIP-2, and SVIP-3 proposals. If and when these proposals pass, the community will be notified via the public communication channels for the SuperVerse DAO. Please note that any capitalized terms not otherwise defined, are set forth in the Reference Guide in Section 5 below.

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