Why Social Deduction?

Social deduction is a relatively young genre in the online gaming space that took the world by storm as the global pandemic erupted in 2020. The game style is fun, accessible and – most importantly – highly social. With the niche being home to almost 500 million users, it is in many ways the perfect lane for Web3 gaming to gain supremacy. In addition, the leading games in the social deduction genre are dramatically underdeveloped compared to genres like MMORPG or First-Person Shooters, and there is a clear lack of AAA quality competitors.

The team behind Impostors believes that social gaming serves as the ideal bridge to the metaverse. Social games allow for interpersonal interactions that build community – a core element of the Web3 movement. The combination of factors around social deduction, or social gaming as a whole, makes it the perfect niche to create the first hit NFT gaming ecosystem.

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