Important Reminder: NFT staking powers do not influence voting power. This policy maintains a balanced voting landscape where, as established in SVIP 1, one SUPER equals one vote. NFT staking power is excluded from voting to prevent any potential discrepancies when evaluating staking power and the Token Circulating Ratio.

Elliotrades & SuperFarm NFT Boosters:

As we transition into the phase of the DAO staker, moving from farms to a structure where SUPER holders have the ability to stake their tokens to earn ETH rewards, it became crucial to revisit and redefine the dynamics of NFT Boosts in pursuit of a more robust framework.

Initially, the NFT boost mechanism was designed to work within the farming framework, where NFT boosts could be applied based on a percentage basis and were unable to stack. With the transition to the DAO staker, the percentage based boost mechanism needed to be recalibrated and during this process, a comprehensive analysis was conducted to pinpoint a foundational base that would facilitate a balanced yet flexible restructuring.

Reminder: These staking powers apply to EllioTrades & SuperFarm Genesis NFT rarities. JAZZ NFTs are NOT included as they have always been exclusively considered as art pieces.

Through the exploration of various mathematical models, the outcome naturally gravitated towards establishing capped (pegged) NFT Boosts (Staking Power within the DAO staking pool), thereby preserving the equilibrium within the ecosystem. This revised mechanism allows holders to stack their NFT boosts, promoting both accessibility and advantage in DAO staking while aligning with the broader objectives of the ecosystem.

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