Genesis Season refers to a series of events which began shortly after reveal. With Impostors being a social deduction game, these events were designed following game theory to identify the "sus ones” and test holders’ resolve. This allows OG’s to become gatekeepers of the ultimate prize in Impostors: LAND!

Below is a brief summary of the events that already transpired:


April 14: V1 gamified staking went live giving holders the ability to choose between 4 different pools to earn $BLOOD.

You can read the full details about this here.

🩸 $BLOOD is an ERC-20 utility token at the center of the Impostors metaverse. $BLOOD will be used to upgrade UFOs, Pets and Land as well as purchase In-game assets & more.

You can read more information on ecosystem tokenomics here.


May 2: UFO mint went live. UFOs are critical pillars in the Impostors metaverse, enabling their own P2E game mode. UFOs will be:

৹ Raced for $BLOOD and MATERIALS

৹ Upgradeable

৹ Required for Land


May 12: Pet mint went live. Pets serve as the centerpieces of a PvP Battle game mode within the Impostors metaverse.

PETS will be:

৹ Battled for $BLOOD and MATERIALS

৹ Evolvable

৹ Required for Land


May 26: Materials box mint went live. Materials are a core component of the Impostors ecosystem which will be used for:

৹ Upgrading PETS

৹ Upgrading UFOs

৹ Upgrading LAND


June 9: Cosmetics chest mint went live. Cosmetics chests will be used to unlock items to customize the look and feel of certain characters such as:

৹ Backpacks

৹ Hats

৹ Patterns


July 8: the Alien Galaxy Reveal took place. Chainlink oracles were used to generate the on-chain RNG and apply the metadata reflecting their home galaxy to Aliens.

Here’s a thread explaining the process if you missed it.


August 12: Impostors hosted its first community Beta event, where Genesis Alien holders got an exclusive first look into Impostors gameplay and contributed to the game’s development by providing critical feedback. You can see the original playtest Medium article here.


September 8: Impostors NFT Purchase & License agreement was updated. With the emergence of NFTs, intellectual property has become an important topic in the Web3 space. Impostors wants holders to have as much creative freedom as possible to explore and use their IP rights. From business ventures to physical merchandise depicting their Impostors, holders have the ability to explore multiple avenues.

Here is the full Impostors NFT Purchase & License agreement.

Check out the Impostors Twitter to stay up-to-date with the latest news & for more details around the next playtest here.

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