Today is not only a significant milestone in our journey but also a shift towards new decentralized possibilities. This transition provides SUPER asset holders with the opportunity to continue to actively participate in our community and network by staking their tokens to earn ETH rewards generated by the decentraised network. Following the community's successful approval of the 3 SVIPs during the DAO vote, we have been administering the passed proposals and have set the foundation for the DAO operating framework to be built upon. On this note, we’re thrilled to announce that the staking smart contracts have been deployed and DAO staking is now officially live!

For enhanced transparency, operational details are shared below:

  • DAO Staking Website: staking.superverse.cool

  • DAO Staking Contract: 0x8c96edc82d111e3c5686f5abe738a82d54d0b887

  • DAO Treasury Wallet: 0x0b989Eb5271535F75e4Cb967406e99a36C3c2E9b

  • Current Holdings:

    • ETH + WETH Balance: 335.6 currently held in the DAO Treasury wallet. (100 ETH will be sent to the staking contract for initial infusion)

    • USDC Balance: 1,689,060.48 currently held in the DAO Treasury wallet.

  • GEM Conversion Website: staking.superverse.cool/gem-claim

  • GEM Conversion Contract: 0xba48bcc66b6665495ec643ece7811db5723aaf91

While launching the DAO staker is the initial step, administering the SVIPs concerning proposals and voting is ongoing. The GEM conversion and NFT Booster utilities, which are delineated below, form the backbone of the new phase, aligning with the ecosystem's core mission. As you navigate through the upcoming sections, we will delve further into these vital components, marking the continuous progression of our ecosystem.

Section Overview:

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